Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment

WEEVOS RANGE - ages 2 -5 

The Weevos Play  System is designed especially to promote 2- to 5-year-old growth and development in five key areas: physical, cognitive, sensory/motor, emotional/social and language. Toddlers and preschoolers can hop up and down on the Wee Pod™ climber, twirl and whirl on the Twirly Bar, balance on the Giggle Jiggler™ climber, or safely climb up and coast down the Cozy Coaster™ slide. Best of all, Weevos safely lets our littlest explorers, bee-bop and giggle with just the right amount of wiggle, and clear sight lines let supervisors keep their eyes on all the action!

EVOS RANGE - ages 5 -12 

Evos lets kids spontaneously play while building muscle strength, endurance and mental agility. Evos systems allow flexibility to add and change components : there are endless configurations of fun and kids learn about cause and effect, build problem—solving skills and spatial awareness. With Evos, there’s no limit to the fun you can create.

PLAYBOOSTER - age 2 -12

PlayBooster is the original post-and-clamp system and packs in a whirlwind of fun. Kids can swing from ring to ring, scurry across a bouncy bridge, swoosh down a squiggly slide, then funnel back to begin again. PlayBooster playsystems lets you combine exciting ground-level components with climbing events and overhead activities for the whole-body strength and aerobic workout kids love.

 NATURAL PLAY - ages 5 -12 Play as Mother Nature Intended. 

Our Nature Inspired play equipment blends the adventure and wonder of nature with the latest in playground innovation.  They capture kids’ imaginations with the look and feel of real bark and rock, while offering the durability, safety and low maintenance demanded in a high quality play structure.


Net structures are a fun and challenging addition to any playground setting.  The Cellula range is a modular play concept based upon a standard 3 metre grid which can be combined into a limitless variety of designs.  Each element of the Cellula system has different features designed to challenge the child’s body and mind.  Our ready made designs cater for children of all ages – with low level elements for pre-school kids through to challenging higher level activities for bigger children.


Sensory play products provide the necessary levels of stimulation and social interaction for children who have difficulty processing and integrating the sensory experiences of touch, sight, sound, vestibular development (balance and movement through space) and proprioception (muscle sense/body positioning and coordination).  Our sensory play products strive to provide each child with their “just right” sensory experience, whether they are a fun-loving child with Down syndrome or another developmental disability, or are typically developing


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